Accessories You Need for An Elegant Presentation

Observing the presentation rules, the aesthetic and comfortable dining tables captivate the mind the way lingering tastes do. Representing the meticulous care for the guests, table setting adds value to your dinners and flavor to your conversations, while accessories represent an indispensable element of the perfect dining tables that set the tongues wagging, to be remembered with honor. Using the presentation accessories, you can enhance the aesthetic value of your tables, while facilitating the serving process. Discover the must-have accessories of a perfect table!


Aesthetic Choices for Sauces to Add Flavor to Dinners

Oil and vinegar are positioned towards the center in a typical dining setting. Sauce products should be easily accessible for the guests on the table, while they are served in special cruets and bowls rather than in their packages. Mustard and other sauces should be placed right next to the oil and vinegar served to be in dinner. The hot or cold sauces to be used in dinners should be presented after the dish is served, in special sauce bowls. If the cruet has a spout, this is used to pour the sauce. If the sauce bowl requires the use of a spoon, a coffee spoon is used for serving. You can get inspired by the dinner theme in the use of sauce bowls. For example, you can choose an elegant sauce bowl in the “From the Sea” collection of Gastro Studio for a dinner of mostly seafood.


A Must-Have in Dinners: Salt and Pepper Shakers

The salt and pepper shakers in dinners must be conveniently accessible for those sitting in the table. If the table is big, salt and pepper shakers can be placed upon both edges. One must make sure that they are clean, full, and free from moist and clumping. Dinner and breakfast sets generally include their own salt and pepper shakers. They should be preferably matching with the set, even in the case of using accessories with different patterns. If you are looking for modern designs matching your tables embellished with minimalist designs, you can choose Güral Porselen New York pepper shaker.


Special Accessories to Honor Your Table



The use of tablecloths or napkins is not common in daily meals. Paper handkerchiefs are preferred for those occasions. Colored paper handkerchiefs are placed on the left-hand side of the plate. Napkin holders can be placed next to the sauce bowls on a table, on the occasion of daily meals. As for dinners for the guests, you can choose napkins. In the case of using napkins, they are folded to create an aesthetic form or placed inside the serving plate with napkin rings. Placing them inside the plate is more appropriate in the case of using American-style serving. You can well enliven a simplistic dinner set with an ever-colorful arrangement of flowers placed at the center, alongside the handkerchiefs. If the flowers are real, the sitting setting of the guests is taken into consideration during the selection of a vase. Flowers are placed in a manner that does not affect the sight of anybody, in an arrangement that does not prevent people from communicating with each other. The ever-colorful flowers can be accompanied by elegant candleholders. Emphasizing the elegance of the dim-lit dinners by creating a romantic atmosphere, candles can be complemented with classy candlesticks and candleholders. Candles can also be placed on the table in the same way with flowers, with spaces between them and without blocking the view and affecting the dining comfort. You can find the accessories to honor your tables among the accessory products of Güral Porselen. You can add a romantic touch to your tables with elegant candlesticks to set an example for next-gen contemporary designs.