Güral Porselen regards it as a duty to ensure customer satisfaction through the raw materials and state-of-the-art machinery the Company uses.

An R&D Department was established at Güral Porselen to ensure the sustainability of customer satisfaction, with the aim of enhancing product quality and diversity as a result.

The “Quality Assurance Department” operates at full tilt in order to ensure the sustainability of an effective quality system that is testament to the importance placed upon quality, as well as the fact that quality requirements can be met.

Quality production is a result of the efforts of employees whose training is treated critically, from top management to the lowest rank.

To this end, both internal and external training programs are organized. Economic development is frequently accompanied by results such as environmental pollution, depletion of natural resources and the deterioration of urban life.

Therefore, environmental sensitivity constitutes the main theme behind the objectives of Güral Porselen.

All used raw materials, as well as the subcontractors selected for external purchases, have undergone diligent procedures, and technical specifications are supervised through subcontractor inspections.

Ensuring a quality level that meets the needs and expectations of customers is the number one policy of Güral Porselen in order to become a quality leader in this field of products, based on price and competition level.